I want your records, but don't want to pay for shipping, what can I do?

Most of our releases are available at record stores nationwide in the USA and in some locations overseas. If your local shop doesn't have any Sweet Time releases, they should be able to order them directly from Revolver USA. If you live in Nashville, hit up Grimey's, the Groove, Mirror Mirror, and Vinyl Tap for our releases.

We also just got picked up by Sounds of Subterrania for distribution throughout Europe, so hopefully you will see more Sweet Time releases on record shelves over there.

Do you accept demos?

I always try to give everything a listen. This is a one man operation, so it might take some time before I make my way to what you've sent me. Currently have a pretty full release schedule planned for 2024, so anything that does end up going beyond the demo stage will be a Spring 2025 release at the earliest.

I see you book shows & tours, will you book my band?

If you're a local band to Nashville/Murfreesboro, yes I will likely book your band. It sounds obvious, but the easiest & most sure fire way to make sure I'm going to hit you up to play with a rad touring band is to be available & ready to play! Say "yes" to shows when asked.

If you're not local to Nashville/Murfreeboro, there's no strong yes or no. Nashville is a really hard town for booking rock n roll shows. Not a lot of people come out to see touring bands they don't already know, and a lot of the venues are booked up 4-6 months in advance. Even some of the dive bars. It never hurts to ask, but if it's your first Nashville show & you don't have any connections already here, it can be a tough show.

For touring, I currently am only working with bands that have an established touring history. I cannot exhaust my contacts with bands who won't draw any sort of crowd.